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Solutions to have Internet in the USA

A guide to the best ways to stay connected to the internet during your trip to the United States. The best solution to stay connected in the USA Staying connected while traveling is now more than ever essential, especially when…

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How can you enjoy the Internet on your smartphone cheaply while in Japan?

It’s a fact, we live in an ultra-connected world and it is not Japan that will depart from the rule. Whether looking for a good address, communicating, navigating or just for entertainment, using the Internet on our smartphones has become…

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Which solution to choose to have internet on holiday?

Holidays are approaching… Here is a privileged moment to recharge your batteries, but one that you don’t want to spend as a hermit. Even in their place of holiday, summer visitors find it increasingly difficult to imagine themselves far from…

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How to stay connected to the Internet during holidays?

Holidays are made to disconnect, literally and figuratively. That’s true, it is. But the Web is still very practical, especially in countries we don’t know much about. Here are a few ways to surf without unpleasant surprises. The Internet is…

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Insert a new prepaid sim card in your phone while travelling!

If your smartphone offers the possibility of inserting two SIM cards that’s the best, you can switch from your usual SIM to the prepaid travel SIM in just one click. Otherwise, simply replace the current SIM card with your prepaid…

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Using your mobile phone abroad

Travelling abroad and telephoning is always a puzzle. However, it is essential to be able to use your mobile phone when you travel abroad, and wifi is usually unavailable at the most crucial moments (when you need to order an…

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