How can you enjoy the Internet on your smartphone cheaply while in Japan?

It's a fact, we live in an ultra-connected world and it is not Japan that will depart from the rule. Whether looking for a good address, communicating, navigating or just for entertainment, using the Internet on our smartphones has become essential.

How to get internet on your phone without getting broke?

Unfortunately, there are economic formula that can allow us to use the internet in Japan without spending a small fortune. Nevertheless, there are two options very popular with tourists to remedy this situation:

The SIM Data Card

To benefit from internet at a lower cost on your smartphone, the most practical solution is the data SIM card. It is simply a prepaid SIM card with a predefined data package (between 1 and 3 GB) and limited in time (up to 3 months). You can visit for more about prepaid SIM cards in Japan. To get this famous card you just have to go to any major Japanese electronics store such as Bic Camera or Yodobashi Camera. For those in a hurry, it is also possible to buy one at Narita and Haneda airport. You will have to pay between 16 and 30 euros depending on the formula you are interested in.

The Pocket Wifi

As its name suggests it is a pocket gadget to get high speed wifi permanently. The pocket wifi covers 90% of the Japanese internet network. This means that you will have no problem to use the internet. Finally it is also particularly practical when traveling in a group because it is possible to connect up to 12 devices. However it is clearly not the most economical solution when you travel alone, because for a 14 days rental it will cost you 73 euros (according to this estimate).

The Free-Wifi, to use without moderation

Tokyo being at the cutting edge of modernity, there are plenty of wifi spots to enjoy free internet. For example, our school and most of the major stores and restaurants offer free wifi. For more information about free wifi in Tokyo, please visit the website dedicated to this purpose.
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