Solutions to have Internet in the USA

A guide to the best ways to stay connected to the internet during your trip to the United States.

The best solution to stay connected in the USA

Staying connected while traveling is now more than ever essential, especially when you want to have internet in the USA. There are many reasons to stay online, such as the need to be able to consult an interactive map or to call friends and family via well-known messaging applications such as Facetime, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or Skype. Our smartphones are full of possibilities when we are on holiday or on business trips and keeping the benefits of a wireless internet connection is a definite time and money saver. Like the overwhelming majority of French people, there is probably not a day passed without using the internet and your smartphone, especially when you want to use your gps application in the US without internet. Solutions to have Internet often expensive and restrictive When you travel in the USA, there are several options available to you to benefit from the internet from your connected equipment. Here is a list of solutions to have internet on the go:

Buying a SIM card in the USA

Buying a prepaid SIM card on the spot is the third option to get internet in the USA. By purchasing a SIM card from a local operator such as T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon, you will enjoy a reliable network during your stay. Check SimOptions best-prepaid-sim-card-usa/ for more about prepaid SIM cards in the USA. Internet packages in the USA are however not very generous in terms of data and relatively expensive. The advantages of a SIM card in the USA
  • You get an American local number

The roaming options of the operators

French operators such as Orange, SFR, Bouygues and Free offer paid options to benefit from a partner network on site. The options must be taken out before leaving on specific dates. The advantages of roaming operators
  • No need to change your SIM card for an American SIM card
The disadvantages of roaming operators
  • The Solution is expensive
  • There are hidden costs
  • Small amount of data
  • Exorbitant overrun fees
  • The network is not always at its best (especially if you plan to cross the American West).
  • To give you an idea, a Pass USA option at Orange is billed at €29... Count at least three times that amount.

Always looking for a Wifi network in the United States

Public and private places in America can in some cases provide a Wifi network. If you have not anticipated a solution to stay connected in advance you will have to hunt for wireless networks in bars, cafes and restaurants in New York or Los Angeles. As you probably know, sitting in a café and enjoying free Wi-Fi is a legend and it is always necessary to actually consume. What's more, access to the available American Hotspots often requires filling out endless forms: Last name, First name, Mail and other personal data that you may not want to give out at all costs! On average, connecting to this type of network requires 3 to 5 minutes of your attention and you will have to multiply this figure by the number of access points you will use during your stay. You will quickly understand that the solution is far from being miraculous. The advantages of wifi
  • Starbucks and McDonald's will be your friends on your trip...
The disadvantages of wifi
  • Obligation to consume an often expensive drink
  • Tedious form to complete
  • Limited connection time
  • Personal data to be communicated
  • Low-performance network
  • Lack of privacy
  • Free wifi available everywhere is a myth.

Leaving without any solution in the United States

If you have the soul of an adventurer and you plan to cross Route 66, you're wandering in the Rockies or more simply that you didn't anticipate anything, you can always leave without any solution. Your operator will be happy to charge you roaming fees of up to several dozen, or even several hundred euros when you return to France. Unblock your PEL, because the bill when you return from your trip may well be very high. The advantages without a solution United States You leave without worrying about taking out an option in advance

The Travel-Wifi solution : Rental of Wifi box

The best solution to enjoy the internet in the USA is to rent a WIFI box to stay connected. Travel wifi is a small USA internet box that runs on battery and allows you to enjoy the internet like at home. No more need for a SIM card! Your smartphones, computers and tablets can enjoy an ultra fast internet connection and all at the same time. The advantages of a wifi box
  • Fastest possible internet connection everywhere!
  • Possibility to connect up to 10 cameras on the box (to share your pictures of the Grand Canyon or Brooklyn, or call your friends from San Francisco)
  • Without any data limitations
  • No hidden costs and incredible value for money
  • Compatibility with all devices
Having internet in the United States proves to be highly useful in today's connected world, whether it's to order a taxi or to take advantage of the handy tourist applications, a roaming box will bring you all the comfort you need to get off the beaten track. No more need to hunt wifi networks like a treasure hunt, Travel Wifi frees you from all the constraints linked to the absence of network on your phone while making the members of your stay benefit from an ultra fast internet connection!
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