How to stay connected to the Internet during holidays?

Holidays are made to disconnect, literally and figuratively. That's true, it is. But the Web is still very practical, especially in countries we don't know much about. Here are a few ways to surf without unpleasant surprises. The Internet is great... well, as long as you stay in your country. Once you cross the border, the fees take the elevator. So most holidaymakers are content to surf from their hotel. However, it's often when you're on the move that you need it the most: looking for a good restaurant, finding the hotel or quickly finding the best train to take... That's what public hotspots are for, it's true. But having to find every time a café that offers free WiFi is tiring. You're more autonomous when you have your own connection. If you're planning to go on a trip, read below about the possibilities available to you. The various operators or local tourist offices will give you more precise information and prices according to your destination.

Buy a SIM card

This option will cost you a lot less. Many countries like the USA for example, offer tourists prepaid SIM cards for Internet access only. You will get much more data at a fraction of the cost of roaming. However, you will not have your own number. If you want to write a message to your friends on WhatsApp, you will need to insert your regular SIM card back into your phone. Visit for more about prepaid SIM cards in the USA.

Rent a Mobile Phone

If you don't have a dual SIM phone or if you don't feel like constantly changing cards, rent a mobile phone. This will cost you a little more than a SIM card, but it is more flexible. However, you will have to juggle between two phones.

Buying a data package

Roaming is the most convenient and expensive solution. Once the corresponding option is activated on your phone, surf as if you were at home. A certain amount of data is already included depending on your package. Otherwise, buying a data bundle from your operator will cost you less. The offers are intended for occasional users, as more data can quickly become expensive.

Rent a mobile hotspot

Mobile hotspots are convenient for longer stays or for large volumes of data. They are small devices that you can buy at "digitec" or rent in most countries. You will always have a mobile WiFi network to which several users can even connect simultaneously. Sometimes you can get unlimited data at high speed for the right price. Of course, you can also do without the Internet during your holidays. You will be more inclined to chat with the locals, which is always pleasant. But an Internet connection abroad has undeniable advantages.
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