A gourmet weekend in the Valtellina

In the north of Lombardy, just across the Swiss border, you enter Italy gently, accompanied by the charm of a Renaissance that refuses to let itself be forgotten and by determined craftsmen who slip everywhere on the tables. Because it’s…

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Malta: what to do in Valletta?

Welcome to Malta! Are you visiting Valletta? Here is my list of must-see addresses in one of the most photogenic cities on the planet. What would a trip to Malta be without Valletta? Although it is tempting to flee to…

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Preparing your trip to Thailand

Telephone and connectivity in Thailand Phone networks cover the entire territory. We recommend that you get a local prepaid SIM card on arrival (there are several providers at the airport, both inside and outside). The plugs are American and you…

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Precious opinions about travel agencies for future travellers

During an unforgettable stay in a dream place, every traveller feels the desire to share moments of joy through photos, videos but also by sharing their opinions on discussion forums. Their comments are reviewed by travel agencies, which have a…

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Travellers: consumers to be satisfied by travel agencies

When you decide to go on a trip, it is always useful to contact travel agencies. Agencies are responsible for meeting the needs of their clients. Travel arrangements differ from one person to another. Indeed, both business trips and holidays…

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