Travel agency procedures

Published on : 23 December 20193 min reading time

For travel agencies, the organization of a stay for client A is not necessarily like that of client B. Even before planning a tourist’s trip, the agency will ask him or her a few questions. To find out how travel agencies organize your getaway, follow this guide.

How do travel agencies organize your stay?

As soon as you contact a travel agency for a trip, first and foremost, an exchange of information should take place between you and the agency’s representative. The first discussion will aim to determine the purpose of the escapade. Is it a business trip, a romantic getaway, a family getaway, a friend getaway or a solo trip? Then, the organization will ask you where you are going and how long you plan to travel. In general, once the destination country chooses, with the agency, the tourist will have to review the regions or cities he wants to visit once in the nation. The flight will then be booked according to the location of the trip. As there are probably several companies that can, you lead to your destination, if you have some knowledge in the field, you can indicate to your agency the name of the company with which you would like to book. Alternatively, the travel planning expert can always provide you with a list of companies and give you an overview of the rates for each company. Just know that if you plan a trip in high season, a travel agency will need 8 to 6 months to prepare your stay. You must therefore make an appointment with the agency well in advance of these periods. Once the flight booking is finalized, you and your agency can think about accommodation. Here again, you must specify whether you prefer a holiday rental or a hotel room for your stay. Depending on your request, the organization will contact hotel complexes or holiday rental agencies to keep you accommodated. For a business trip, customers often need a rental car. To do this, tour operators contact dealers or vehicle rental agencies. Otherwise, for holidaymakers, the requests are mainly focused on the organisation of the stay. At that time, the travel agency will have to research the places that offer the activities that families or couples would like to do. Sometimes, reservations are required, so when the agency gets the customer’s approval, it can do so immediately.

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