Visiting Stockholm for the first time: tips and tricks

Stockholm is one of the recommended European destinations for a stay of a weekend or more. We have chosen to visit Stockholm for the first time in winter, this February. During this 5-day stay, we fell under the spell of the Swedish capital. Here we give all our tips and tricks to help you plan your next trip and visit Stockholm. We then went on a Northern Lights hunt in the wide open spaces of Swedish Lapland. Stockholm is now one of our TOP weekend or longer destinations in Europe. Here is a practical guide to help you plan your future stay in Stockholm.

When and how to visit Stockholm?

When is the first time you visit Stockholm?

You can visit Stockholm all year round. But for a unique experience prefer either summer, when the sun never sets, or like us, the heart of winter. At this time you can enjoy Stockholm in the snow. The morning and evening light is soft and unique. This is the season when we like to take refuge in the warmth, in a café, between two visits. Perfect for soaking up the Swedish culture and way of life.

How do I get to Stockholm?

From France, Air France offers attractive prices. The staff is particularly attentive to your needs during both the outbound and return flights. All our tips for finding a cheap flight on the Internet can be found in our ticket dedicated to our best tips for finding a cheap flight. From the airport, we advise you to take the Arlanda Express as soon as you arrive at the airport to go to the city centre of the Swedish capital. There is a train every 10-15 minutes. This modern and comfortable express train takes a maximum of 20 minutes to reach the central station. The speed is indicated on the train. We can see that it easily reaches 200km/h. This is the fastest way to get to the city centre of Stockholm.

Arlanda Express fares

1 euro = 9.2 SEK on 5 March 2015 260 SEK or 28 euros for 1 traveller. For small budgets and if you travel alone, the bus is much cheaper: 119 SEK. The journey time is then 45 minutes with a departure every 10-15 minutes. Good plan if you are 2 or more. Only valid from Thursday to Sunday : Ticket for 2 people at "only" 280 SEK or about 15 euros per person. Nice discount. For 3 people: 380 SEK For 4 persons: 480 SEK
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